Danielle Jerschefske

North America Editor / Labels & Labeling

Danielle Jerschefske - North America Editor Danielle is the North America Editor for Labels & Labeling magazine, holding a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. With L&L, she has authored feature articles on such topics as: major US converter acquisitions and their growth plans, the rise of digital printing for label production and its reality in supporting international brands, and further technology advancements and adoption that allow leading industry players to remain successful. Danielle regularly presents at leading industry conferences on subjects including environmental strategies, interactive packaging, regional and global trends, and the rise of the private label. Danielle has closely followed the emergence of environmental consciousness within the label industry and was awarded ‘Publication of the Year - 2007’ in the article category for her piece, ‘Green 101’ by the PNEAC. Danielle is co-author with Mike Fairley of the book Environmental Performance and Sustainable Labeling: A ‘How to’ guide to becoming a ‘Greener’ label converter and label user released in September 2011. She is an active participant in the TLMI environmental committee, its recycling subcommittee and an active supporter of the Phoenix Excellence in Education organization. She is the leader of L&L’s social media campaign and can be followed on Twitter @DanielleJersche.