María Jesús Vial Valdés

Creative Director

JVD Estudio

María Jesús Vial Valdés is a graphic designer from Universidad Diego Portales and founding partner of JVD Estudio with more than 18 years of experience. María Jesús started her professional life working in large design agencies. Eventually, she started her own agency as a founding partner of Labdiseño, where they specialized in packaging, editorial for retail, and labels. In 2016, she founded JVD Estudio, a creative design agency that specializes in designing packaging campaigns and graphics for top brands and labels for both national and international wines. Driven by the same impetus, she launched, the first online catalog of pre-designed labels for all types of markets.


11 March, 2020 | 15:00
Bringing more sophisticated wine label decoration to the product panel discussion

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