MDV Group announces new paper and face stocks

MDV Group (stand 9B36) will be launching new luxury paper and filmic labeling face stocks, including soft-touch, high gloss and matt finishes.

Surface effects (3D) are achieved with minimal embossing, enabling self-adhesive converters to maximize adhesion on smooth surfaces, says MDV. These films are produced at Reisewitz, a new acquisition, which specializes in resistant substrates for architectural films using both solvent and UV technologies.

The company also demonstrates results of investment in blown co-extrusion line at Tech Folien Liverpool aimed at reducing the density of HDPE films used in labeling and tags. Products comparable to cast and blown films, but with higher tensile and tear resistance, will enable converters to order lighter films and still retain the required strength but enjoy enhanced die-cutting performance and die life, says MDV.

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