David Richards

Managing Director

Amberley Labels (UK)

David Richards is the Managing Director of Amberley Labels, which is part of the Coveris Group. He joined the industry in 1998, starting in the raw materials supply chain selling for self-adhesive manufacturer Jackstaedt (JAC UK). When Avery acquired JAC, he moved into more technical roles working with customers to modify existing products but also create innovative PSA products for the market.

He later joined Amberley Labels as its commercial and technical manager as part of a new management team that would bring innovation and growth to a longstanding business that specializes in the cosmetics industry.  Today, Amberley Labels remains a mostly digital business and continues to provide innovation and grow the digital element of its portfolio and offers a wide and diverse range of products and services.

29 September, 2020 | 10:00
Global converter panel discussion

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