John Dultz

Process Improvement Manager


John Dultz is Process Improvement Manager for CCL Label HealthCare – St. Louis. John has been a member of the management team at CCL - St. Louis in one form or another over most of his 36 years with CCL-St. Louis (previously Inprint Systems) as production manager, quality manager and process improvement manager.  He is a member of the CCL Global Technology Team and is a member of the TLMI Environmental Committee since January 2017.  Through the years, CCL-St Louis has always worked hard to minimize the amount of materials utilized to produce quality and efficiently designed custom labels (specializing in booklet ECLs) for the pharmaceutical and clinical trial markets.  Over the course of the last six years, the CCL-St Louis Sustainability Team has developed a landfill avoidance program working through many obstacles to become 85 percent landfill avoidant as of 2020.  In late 2019, John and the CCL-St Louis Sustainability team became champions for the CCL NA Healthcare Sustainability Team to promote and moderate discussions regarding best practices for Sustainability within the division.

30 September, 2020 | 11:15
Converter’s Journey to Zero Landfill (Powered by TLMI)

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