09 February 2024

Fujifilm presents Flenex Water Wash Plates

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Fujifilm Flenex Water Wash Plates, there’s a better way
Unmatched Quality, Productivity and Solvent Free. Flenex FW flexo plates provide the highest print quality at the fastest production times, while significantly lowering cost-in-use compared to thermal, solvent or other water-wash technology.
Why is Flenex FW different? Flenex contains a rubber-based compound, which is not oxygen sensitive, this contributes in: Dot gain reduction, faster exposure & washout times, higher durability, mild washout with water & dishwasher soap and plate swell reduction.
From the environmental point of view, washout of Flenex FW plates is accomplished with only a mild detergent and typically allows for the residual solution to be treated as common wastewater after removing a small amount of residual particle. When compared to the known impact solvents and wicking cloths have on the environment during their life cycle and disposal, it’s clear to see how Flenex FW provides a greener solution.