Conference program

09:00 Exposition and conference registration

10:00 Welcome address



10:15 Recent changes in Colombian legislation and the impact on the printing industry

  • What is ICIPC and what research and development is carried out? 
  • Leading the first Colombian Packaging Cluster Initiative
  • Predicting the challenges with future projects and private initiatives

10:45 Influential trends and the use of new technologies to support start-ups

  • Using product development and packaging design to generate organic growth and an increase in retail margins
  • Integrating marketing campaigns into product design
  • How sustainability and materials will shape packaging in the future
11:15 Networking break and exposition

12:00 Keynote presentation: labeling a smarter future

  • Global and local packaging trends to watch: how a label can build a brand 
  • High quality pressure-sensitive label materials 
  • Sustainability and the circular economy: what you need to know

12:30 Ten packaging trends shaping up for 2020

  • Identifying new packaging formats
  • Exploring new print finishing techniques
  • Anticipating, and responding to, consumer trends
13:00 Networking lunch and exposition


14:15 Targeting different consumer groups with distinctive packaging

  • How packaging influences purchasing decisions 
  • Understanding what is important to different consumer age groups
  • Executing innovative packaging styles and structures to increase sales

14:45 Design playlists for Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z

  • What are the key emotional drivers for Baby Boomers and Gen X? 
  • How should a product look to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z? 
  • How do you establish an emotional connection with customers?
15:15 Networking break and exposition

16:00 Panel discussion: creating products with stand-out presence

  • Building successful relationships with converters
  • Designing more elaborate packaging and the reality of execution
  • From the drawing board to the shelf – refining the process

16:45 Digital moment of truth: designing and creating packaging for e-Commerce

  • Optimizing packaging for customers, companies and the environment
  • Heightening the consumer experience with right-sized and frustration-free packaging
  • Enhancing the experience of opening an online package by replicating the retail experience
17:15 End of conference sessions
17:30 Networking Party at Caja de Madera
21:00 End of networking party
09:00 Exposition and conference registration

10:00 Welcome introduction



10:05 Business diversification: from commercial printing to folding cartons and labels

  • Moving into label production from other printing industries
  • Making the move into mid and narrow web
  • Attracting new clients by diversifying your product offering

10:35 Mergers and acquisitions: overcoming the challenges for a successful transition

  • Forming new business partnerships
  • Advantages of being both ‘local’ and ‘global’
  • Acquisition of Etiquetas Rodak and the All4Labels Group global merger
11:05 Networking break and exposition

11:50 Lean manufacturing and just-in-time production

  • Moving into new markets and managing international growth
  • Exporting from Paraguay and to neighbouring countries
  • Making manufacturing more environmentally sustainable

12:20 How to implement a positive company culture to grow your business

  • How do you attract fresh talent, with new ideas, for a constantly evolving industry?
  • Maintain staff loyalty by developing the skills of talented employees and future leaders
  • Re-evaluation of service: gain a competitive advantage by improving customer service
12:50 Networking lunch and exposition

14:05 Label and packaging industry trends: A Global Perspective

  • Explore different regional markets around the world
  • Global analysis: labels, shrink sleeves, flexibles and folding cartons
  • Key trends and technological developments which are driving the sector

14:35 Combating counterfeiters and diverters with invisible serialization

  • Overt, covert and ultra-covert features providing layered protection
  • Increasing the level of sophistication of brand protection for packaging 
  • Fully integrated state-of-the-art variable data printed technology

15:05 Panel discussion: the future of print

  • Emerging intelligent and connected products
  • Price pressures in the supply chain with increasing raw material costs
  • Consumer expectations for the environment and how the industry is/should respond
15:50 Networking
17:00 End of conference

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