Juana Isabel Mesa

Partner and Strategic Director at Grupo imasD

Grupo imasD

Juana Mesa is a happy wife, and a Graphic Designer with a Master’s Degree in Branding and Corporate Identity. She is highly-skilled with over 15 years of experience in branding, packaging design and production strategy, marketing, sales and communication. She has held a variety of senior-level leadership roles in brand strategy, business strategy, marketing and sales at Grupo imasD for over 5 years as an independent consultant. Juana now is a Partner and Strategic Director at Grupo imasD, a modern design firm dedicated to innovative brand packaging located in Medellin, Colombia. She’s an expert in creating powerful and unique brand strategies to connect effectively with diverse audiences.


Conference program

15 May 2019 | 15:05 | Panel discussion: the future of print

  • Emerging intelligent and connected products
  • Price pressures in the supply chain with increasing raw material costs
  • Consumer expectations for the environment and how the industry is/should respond

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