22 February 2024

Todaytec presents their latest research and range of products

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Hangzhou Todaytec Digital Co., Ltd. is a global leading provider of thermal transfer ribbon, with over 20 years of experience in the thermal transfer industry. Todaytec has established over ten wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US, the UK, France, Brazil, India, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, and other countries. It has built a comprehensive global localized marketing network and production base, serving over 100 countries and regions, earning the trust and praise of customers worldwide.

Todaytec has long been focused on the Latin America market and will present todaytec latest research and development achievements and flagship products at Label Summit Latin America 2024. 
Excellent product quality and strength make Todaytec's sales and market share climb year by year. 
TDR320, as an economical resin ribbon, can meet demanding requirements in various industries for its superb substrate compatibility (It could be complete transfered on coated paper), relatively strong scratch resistance and exceptionally good water and sunlight resistance.
TDR380, as a wash care ribbon with low printing temperature, high blackness and superior media adaptability. It has good printing performances on both of the high-density washing label and the sparsely woven ribbon. The low printing temperature and high blackness make it to be widely acclaimed as soon as it was launched.
TDM200, as an economical wax-resin ribbon, has been widely used for its enhanced scratch resistance and superior printing quality on a variety of subtrates. Its low printing energy consumption can protect the printer's print heads and effectively extend the service life of the print heads.
TDW108, as a standard wax ribbon, has been recognized by global customers for more than ten years for its good printing performance, wide range of substrate compatibility and competitive price. Low printing energy consumption and improved backcoating greatly protect the printer's print heads and effectively extend the service life of the print heads.
Todaytec offers a complete product range and a diverse selection of individual products. You can always find a TTR product that matches your requirements. All products from Todaytec undergo strict testing and verification, and have obtained international certifications such as ROHS, REACH, halogen-free, EU, UL, ISEGA, VOCs, TSCA, MOSH-MOAH, among others.
Todaytec is always driven by innovation, continuously breaking through traditions, and providing customers from all industries with superior products and services. They are committed to fulfilling the printing dreams of every industry.